Monday, April 09, 2007


Greetings! Today I am really excited to be heading out to
California to speak about our cause at my alma mater, The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law at the invitation of my close friend, fellow Air Force Academy Graduate, and former President Bush-appointed assistant interior secretary for fish, wildlife, and parks, Craig Manson. After the speech, I'll be heading back out to NewYork for a major fundraiser, then it's on to Colorado with Ambassador Joe Wilson to bring our message to the Rockies!

While on the plane this morning (and after finally being forced to shut off my cell phone and PDA!) I sat and thought about how grateful I am that our organization has
become a viable outlet for those being persecuted in our military to seek assistance. In the past few days alone, I have received several very serious calls for help from members of our Armed Forces who have exhausted all means of resolving their issues, and who are coming to us for help. Rest assured, we are on the case, and we will continue advocating for the thousands more who are either afraid to speak up, or unaware of our foundation.

On that note, we are making huge strides in awareness thanks to the tireless work of the newest member of our team, famed book publicist Ilene Proctor. We have over 60 radio and TV interviews setup, along with major speeches and book signing events. See our newly updated 'Upcoming Events' section for more information on those.

That's all for now. We begin phase 1 of our new website rollout today, so watch for some exciting changes!



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