Friday, August 04, 2006


This is a much-owed posting, as one did not immediately follow our first board meeting. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for us to sit down and discuss MRFF's future. We have done good work so far. We know that we have made a name for ourselves and for our cause. This is only the start.

We all want the organization to keep growing, expanding, educating.

All of us are hard at work. Please keep your eyes and ears open as we continue to evolve.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey-
I got something new and fun for you:

The Population Reference Bureau has a report called "America's Military Population."

In it on page 24 you can find a chart of religious numbers based on DOD Manpower Data info.

This is the chart in a nutshell:

Protestant 35%
Catholic/Orthodox 22%
Other Christian 11%
Athiest/No Religion 21%
Jewish Less than .5%
Muslim/Islam Less than .5%
Buddhist/Hindu Less than .5%
Other Religions/Unknown/Refused 11%

If you add the Athiests/No Religion in with the Other Religions/Unknown and Refused catagory-- that would be 33% or 1/3 of the military is non-mainstream.

Could this be why the Fundies/Evangelicals are so interested in converting everyone? From thier point of view, they have a ripe target audience of young souls who need Jeeezussss.

The study also finds that the military has a higher rate of non-Mainstream than the civilian sector.

Have a good day Mikey and Co.!


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