Monday, October 30, 2006

Statement on Court Ruling


ALBUQUERQUE – Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation today vowed to refile a lawsuit seeking to protect our nation’s armed forces from unconstitutional violations of their religious freedom.

A federal judge today in New Mexico dismissed on a technicality the lawsuit filed against the United States Air Force. Mikey Weinstein released the following statement in response to the decision:

“While we respect Judge Parker’s ruling, we are deeply disappointed that our efforts have been delayed to protect the rights of the brave and honorable men and women serving in our nation’s armed forces. We will refile our lawsuit as quickly as possible. Our fight is far from over. Religious bias and the outrageous violations of the separation of church and state continue to spread rampantly throughout our military.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation remains steadfastly committed to upholding our constitutional rights and to ensure that our government and military officials do the same. We will do everything in our power to halt the encroachment of fundamentalist religious ideology on our nation’s armed forces.”


The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.


Blogger md said...

Given that the court dismissed the case with prejudice, can it be refiled? Or is the statement in this post meant to indicate that the decision will be appealed?

Given the standing problems discussed by the government (in a 27 page brief), which the court found compelling, could this case have been brought with taxpayer standing under the Establishment Clause? (Also, aside from the Acting Secretary of the Air Force, why weren't others responsible named in their official capacities?) Compare the complaint filed here with those filed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which seems to have a great deal of experience litigation Establishment Clause cases.

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